Computerpilot Volume 5 issue 2

9 News and New Releases
All the latest news and new releases since our last issue.
24 FS Clouds 2000
26 Flight DownUnder 2000
30 Legendary Aircraft
34 AETI’s 747-200 Classic
36 Mexico Gold Scenery for FS2000
40 ProFlight 2000
50 Gunship
54 Comanche vs Hokum
16 Sneak Preview –
Microsoft Combat Simulator 2
Microsoft has enjoyed tremendous success with its
Combat Flight Simulator which was released in late 1998.
Right now we’re on the dawn of the release of the sequel
– Combat Flight Simulator 2. Is the sequel better than the
first? Derek Davis takes a look at a late beta release of CFS2
and answers that question. He also shows you what’s in store for
Microsoft’s big year 2000 flight simulator release.
38 Shareware Of The Month
ACS-GPS Gauge Sets for FS98/FS2000 Version 1.7 is a great GPS gauge
system designed to add GPS functionality to FS98 and replace the existing
FS2000 standard GPS with a more advanced and feature-packed system.
44 The Flight Sim Doctor
Remedies for your flight sim technical ailments
46 On-Line Flight Simulator Resources
A look at the latest in online goodies for flight sim enthusiasts.
58 Flight Instructor – Enhancing The Experience
It may be thought of as a ‘toy’ by some, but the modern-day desktop flight simulator
has matured into a valuable training aid for the ‘virtual’ and ‘real’ pilot alike. If you
want to maximize the benefits to be gained, you must create an atmosphere of realism in
your sim flying. Our flight instructor, Brent McColl, takes a little diversion from our typical flight
lessons to give you a lesson in enhancing your flight simulation experience.
62 Multi-Engine Flying – Yhe Piper Chieftain – General Handling
Flying a Twin can be such a rewarding experience,bringing sophistication and high
performance into the equation.In normal operations,the big Chieftain is a gentle giant,stable
and full of spirit,yet forgiving at the same time.You ’ll love your time in this popular Piper
commuter. Fasten your seat belt as we start up the 700 horsepower engines for an introduction
to the handling qualities of the Piper Chieftain.
67 The Art of Instrument Flying – ADF Tracking
Quite some time ago now, we introduced the ADF as an aid to navigation, we also covered its use as an
approach aid, and we have used it to guide our aircraft in a holding pattern. For its simplicity, it’s quite a
versatile tool in the IFR kit. Follow along now as we culminate the study of this humble radio navigation
aid with an exercise in ADF Tracking.