Computerpilot Volume 5 Issue 3

17 CH Flight Sim Yoke USB
20 Wilco’s 737 For Fly!
22 VIP Classic Airliners 2000
24 Flight Sim Commander
30 Airbus 2000
32 Airline Flights 2000
10 News and New Releases
All the latest news and new releases since our last issue.
27  Fly Scenery USA
We take a look at some new scenery, by Australian Company Aerosoft, created
with a new and unique development technique, that makes your entire world in
Fly!and Fly2K!more realistic and virtually unlimited in expanse.
36 The Flight Sim Doctor
Remedies for your flight sim technical ailments
38 On-Line Flight Simulator Resources
A look at the latest in online goodies for flight sim enthusiasts.
40 Shareware Of The Month
Flight Simulator Scenery Creator is a freeware graphical scenery creator that allows you
to build scenery for Microsoft Flight Simulator.
48 An Interview with a WWII Triple Ace – Col. Clarence E. “Bud” Anderson
Colonel Clarence E. “Bud” Anderson. Colonel Anderson is a former member of the 357th
Fighter Group, has written an autobiography titled “To Fly and Flight”, and has his own web
site. Derek Davis interviews the WWII Triple Ace and also takes you on a pictorial ride, along
with Colonel Anderson, that lets you experience one of his deadly missions.
55 Flight Instructor – Better Landings
The act of lowering a ton of metal onto an asphalt surface, using a system of pulleys and cables,
sounds like a feat of engineering best left to men in hardhats. But if that metal is travelling at
100 mph, and you’re sitting in it, you’ll want more than a hardhat to protect yourself if something
goes astray! Landing an aeroplane is indeed akin to an art form, a performance of man and
machine paramount in the field of aviation. We revisit the most testing of all the basic skills in
your flying as we seek the Holy Grail; Better Landings.
62 The Piper Chieftain – Engine Start Procedure
There are nearly fifty checklist items involved in the starting of the huge Lycoming TSIO-540,
350 horsepower engines on the Chieftain. These are high-performance in every way, and as
such warrant a careful and accurate engine start procedure. We begin the first use of our
checklist as we cover the Chieftain ‘s Engine.