Computerpilot Volume 5 issue 5

10 News and New Releases
All the latest news and new releases since our last issue.
Sneak Previews
The 2 big flight sims of 2001!
12 Terminal Reality’s Fly II
17 Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002
19 Ultimate Airlines
22 Corporate Pilot
26 Boeing 777-200 for FS2000
36 Voice Technology – Game Commander 2 & Microsoft
Sidewinder GameVoice
42 Battle Of Britain
29 Getting The Best Out Of Microsoft Combat
Flight Simulator 2
Derek ‘Baron’ Davis helps you get the most out of Microsoft’s
latest offering. At the same time the article highlights those
features that will help you to maximize your enjoyment of CFS2.
If you’re one of those who are still undecided on whether to buy
CFS2, then you will still find enough information in here to give
you an idea of what CFS2 has to offer.
48 Multi-Engine Flying – The Piper Chieftain
Having completed over fifty checklist items to this point, the engines
running, we are now ready to taxi to the departure runway. The
aircraft is alive! It ’s our first foray into handling techniques as we
learn the steps necessary to taxi the aircraft for take-off. Follow
along as we taxi to the active in the Piper’s Big Twin.
53 The Art of Instrument Flying – Flying a STAR
“Foxtrot Lima Zulu clearance: track direct to the Lomar,Ballfor,
Hallvale intersection, to the Browcat VOR, thence the two
four seven Browcat radial to two zero DME Tobamore direct
Georgetown. Enter on descent to flight level two one zero.
Requirement: maintain flight level two five zero until crossing
the three three one radial of the Goadie VOR “.
If you had trouble reading that, let alone remembering it in
flight, then you will no doubt instantly appreciate the value of
Standard Terminal Arrival Route clearance. Follow along as we
perform a STAR arrival.
59 Flight Instructor – The Effect of Wind
One of the most graphic ways to observe the effect of wind on
an aircraft in flight is to sit under the approach path at a major
airport when the wind is blowing across the runway. From Cessna
to Boeing 747,each must counter the drift effect to track the
runway centerline for landing. We delve into science of the wind
and its effect on an aircraft in flight.
Plus our regular columns:
38 Online Flight Simulator Resources
A look at the latest offerings online for Flight Simulator Pilots
40 Shareware Of The Month
We look at a Cessna 172P Operating Handbook that’s available
for dowload online.
Fly Any Scheduled Airline Flight In The World in FS2000! PG.19
See what Microsoft Are Offering with their upcoming FS2002! PG.17
Learn how to fly a STAR. PG.53