Computerpilot Volume 5 issue 4

10.  News and New Releases
All the latest news and new releases since our last issue!
16.  Buzz the Tower! – ATC Simulator Review
Lofty claims indeed are made by the marketing blurb of the latest air
traffic control simulator to hit our computer hard drives. How well does
it live up to these claims? Is controlling air traffic in the pressure cooker
environment of a TRACON facility really as difficult as we’ve heard? And
what about the speech recognition thingy, does it really work? Turn the
lights back up for a moment, take a seat and read on…..
20.  Fly! II Uncovered
58.  Rotary Wing 101
Having trouble taming those helicopters in your favorite
flight simulator? Todd Fredericks takes you through the basics
of rotary wing flight and offers tips and techniques that will have
you nailing those skyscraper and sea based helipads in no time!
64.  Multi Engine Flying
Fly! II has hit store shelves across the globe and is receiving a mixed
response. Find out why and what new features we can expect to find
in the latest edition of the popular general aviation simulator from
Terminal Reality Inc.
26.  Just Flight’s 747-400 Professional
30.  Wilco’s 767 Pilot in Command
36.  Aerosoft’s Scenery Rhein Ruhr for Fly!
39.  Cessna’s CBI Training Package
48.  Rage’s Eurofighter Typhoon
An aircraft fuel system can be anything from a two-component tank-to-
engine set-up, to an unrealistically complex mass of pumps and valves
joined by a seemingly endless array of pipes and hoses! Sound confusing?
Brent McColl will simplify it!
70.  Flight Instructor
Learn how air pressures can affect flight and the readings on your
instrument panel in this interesting article. You won’t need a PhD in
physics to understand it either!
76.  The Art of Instrument Flying
Imagine if all the world’s land-based navigation systems had been
destroyed! 20 years ago, this would have spelt disaster for the aviation
industry but in these modern times we would survive, mostly in part due
to GPS technology. In an effort to prepare you for such an event, Brent
McColl teaches you how to fly a GPS Non-Precision Approach.
25.  Hardware Corner
Keep up to speed with the latest hardware devices currently available

29.  Shareware Of The Month
Download Accelerator Plus can boost your internet download speeds
three-fold and sometimes even more!
34.  The Flight Sim Doctor
Remedies and suggestions for your flight sim technical ailments
44.  Online Resources
We track down the most informative and entertaining flight sim sources
53.  Combat Aircraft Profile: Supermarine Spitfire
The Supermarine Spitfire has captured the hearts of combat pilots and
the imaginations of virtual air fighter pilots for over half a century.
Our resident combat simulation expert Derek ‘Baron’ Davis captures the
essence of this spirit in a detailed profile on this famous bird of war.