Computerpilot volume 6 issue 3

From the  Editor

Have you ever gazed at the stars and sat in awe thinking about the sheer size and
magnitude of the universe, or perhaps you look into the sky and wonder just how high you
could take your latest ‘X plane’. When you think about it, aviation is a relatively young field
of study (and practice) compared to say medicine or masonry, or the age of the universe
for that matter. The Wright Brothers first flew their ‘glorified kite’ in December of 1903 and
now, almost 100 years later, we have jet and even supersonic aircraft that carry hundreds
of passengers half way around the world (or more) without stopping! In flight simulation
history, we have made similar leaps forward, but at a much faster rate! Only ten or fifteen
years ago, we were playing with crude wire-frame graphics representing aircraft and panels
in our virtual world. Half the time it was difficult to make out what you were looking at
and many hours were spent explaining to on-lookers exactly what they were seeing on
that monochrome or 16 color display. With the new generation of technology and flight
simulators, however, we sometimes have to ask ourselves whether we are looking at a
screenshot or a real photo! The modern simmer is equipped with realistic yokes, pedals
and throttle quadrants… even 3D glasses and head tracking hardware to boot. We have
hangars full of a wide variety of aircraft and can re-trace real aviation history by flying
Lindbergh’s great crossing of the Atlantic, complete with a replica Spirit of St Louis under
our control. We can often be critical at new simulations and add-ons, but stop to think
were it all started and how far we have come from those days of wire frame graphics and
suddenly, your new sim that doesn’t have 100% perfect ATC or 100% accurate scenery
modeling suddenly doesn’t seem that bad! Remember to enjoy what we currently have
and just imagine what we will be spoilt with in another ten or fifteen years! Speaking
of enjoyment, please read on and take pleasure in yet another 84-page mega-issue
of Computer Pilot Magazine – The Magazine for Desktop Pilots & Flight Simulation

10  News and New Releases
All the latest news and new releases since our last issue!
18  PSS Airbus Professional
22  RAS Citabria & Super Decathlon for Fly! II
24  Just Planes DVDs
44  eDimensional TrackIR Head Tracker
46  Thrustmaster HOTAS Cougar
48  Creative Soundblaster Extigy
54  Eastern Thunder
57  Battle of Britain Memorial Flight
37  X-Plane Freeware Focus
Chuck Bodeen shows us the best sites online to expand your X-Plane
world with a hangar full of aircraft, scenery and utilities for this ever-
growing simulator.
40  Online Resources
We track down the most informative and entertaining flight sim sources

50  Air CombatDogfighting Basics
Always eating dirt in combat sims? Derek Davis explains many tips and
tricks to keep you in one piece in this interesting article on the Art of
62  Loving to Hate It!
Opinions fly high and low on Microsoft’s Flight Simulator 2002. Find
out what your fellow simmers are saying about the latest version with a
great 3rd-person commentary from Bill Stack.
64  The Art of Instrument Flying
You have been chartered to fly a group of Winter Olympic hopefuls
to Salt Lake City from their nearby training camp. Use your VOR
navigation skills to fly them safely to their destination in solid IFR
70  Flying the Heavies
In part four of our lessons on Attitude Flying, we continue our training
on heavy jet takeoffs and landings. Here we perform a brief flight in
and around Dublin, Ireland using all our skills learned from previous
lessons and touch on Missed Approaches.
76  Flight Instructor
Understanding airport markings and lighting systems is basic
knowledge for any real-world pilot, however, this is one area where
flight simmers tend to fall short. Join us as we explain some of the more
common markings and lighting systems to be found in and around
airports across the globe.
14  Bush Plane Flying
Forget trying to secure a spot in the traffic pattern at large airports and
throw away your complex approach charts. Head for the bush where
aviation ‘gets back to basics’ and adventure rules once more.
26  Tutorial Series Special
Painting FS2002 Aircraft
Expert aircraft painter, Garry Smith shows us step-by-step, how to
forge your very own aircraft liveries in this massive 11-page article.
Learn the tricks of the trade and how to add eye-catching metallic
effects to make your masterpiece complete!