Computerpilot Volume 6 issue 3


From the  Editor
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Well I never thought the day would come. The day when a combat simulation would take
priority over my beloved general aviation simulators. It has happened though and I am now
totally hooked on IL-2 Sturmovik! This is by far the best and most realistic combat simulation
I have ever played and such praise is being echoed worldwide. If you haven’t had the chance
to try it yet, grab yourself a copy and see for yourself. I was never a really keen combat
simmer, but IL-2 has converted me. Simply amazing…Ahh the wonders of new technology and
software design. Just imagine the level of realism we will experience in coming years. It is
definitely a very exciting time in the history of computer-based flight simulations, that is for
sure. Once again, we have packed another 20% larger issue with a wide range of content in
our continuing endeavor to cover a broader scope of flight simulation software and simulation
interests. We have received some excellent feedback from readers about our new “Flying the
Heavies” lessons and we are very excited to bring them to you. A large portion of commercial
and freeware add-ons these days are focused on heavy jet aircraft and it is our intention
to continue to provide you with these informative lessons to make the most of what these
excellent packages have to offer. It still amazes me how much can be learnt from using flight
simulators. Consider how much your geography skills have improved, how much you have
learnt about flight dynamics and physics and perhaps your computer skills have increased
by a great margin. Flight Simulators are a learning tool in more ways than one. Who
said education could not be enjoyable! *grins*  Keep flying and enjoy this latest edition of
Computer Pilot Magazine – The World’s #1 Flight Simulation Magazine.

10  News and New Releases
All the latest news and new releases since our last issue!
14  X-Plane 6
26  FS Scenery Enhancer
28  Greek Airports for Fly! II
34  Hercules 3D Prophet II Titanium
36  eDimensional E-D Glasses
40  Austrian Airports
50  Comanche 4
48  Aircraft Carrier Landings – A Mini Lesson
Can’t stick those carrier landings? Our resident combat expert, Derek
“Baron” Davis offers some quick tips to lower the learning curve.
62  Multi Engine Flying
Would you be ready for the change of handling the drop in
performance and the peculiar cross-control inputs required under
asymmetric flight? Brent McColl continues the series on handling a
multi-engine aircraft when things go wrong.
68  Flying the Heavies
In part three of our lessons on Attitude Flying, Captain Charlie Victoria
takes you through setting up a heavy aircraft approach into San Diego
International airport.
74  The Art of Instrument Flying
What does IFR mean? What kind of flying is it? What are the benefits of
flying IFR? How hard is it to fly IFR and how hard is it to qualify for an
IFR ticket? We have the answers…
77  Flight Sim Toolkit Overview
Have you ever wanted to build your very own flight simulator but don’t
have the tools to do it? Flight Sim Toolkit is your answer, plus it’s FREE!
79  Flight Instructor
58  Search & Rescue 3
20  Battle of the Sims
We go Head-to-Head with four of the most popular home-based flight
simulators – FS2002, X-Plane 6, Fly! II and Flight Unlimited III. Find out
where their strengths and weaknesses lie.
31  Adding 3rd Party Aircraft to FS2002 – Tutorial
Adding freeware aircraft to FS2002 can be a tricky process. This article
will take some of the guess work out of that process.
38  Flight Sim Scenery – Part 2
Bill Stack continues his commentary on Flight Sim Scenery.

44  Optimizing IL-2 Sturmovik – A Computer Pilot Guide
How to get the most out of the best WWII Combat Sim going around!
For such a simplistic system, the Automatic Direction Finder or ADF has
proved itself worthy of being the primary navigation tool of trade for
the Instrument pilot for many years. As visual pilots, we are also well
served by this simple needle and dial system. Brent McColl provides a
show-and-tell on Understanding the ADF
19  Shareware Of The Month
Mikko Maliniemi’s Cessna 185 series
54  Online Resources
We track down the most informative and entertaining flight sim sources