Computerpilot volume 6 issue 5

One of the difficulties in producing a magazine like Computer Pilot is the process of
selecting products for review. We do tend to review the more popular titles and products
as these generate the most interest and the majority of readers are happy to find reviews
of such products in the magazine. In previous years, this task was relatively simple as
you could easily pick the best of the bunch and still have room left over for other articles.
More recently, however, this task has become increasingly difficult as a cargo load of
high quality add-ons for flight simulators have blessed our hard drives. Perhaps this ever-
increasing level of quality in commercial and freeware add-ons is born out of a growing
demand by the general public to produce more realistic aircraft, sceneries and utilities
that better recreate the feeling of flight, or the reality of the world around us, but alas,
who is complaining of this drive forward in professional quality software development?
Perhaps our old aging CPU’s are bearing the brunt of this quality overload resulting in
forever-slowing frame rates, but fast new CPUs cure that issue (if you have the cash to
invest in them of course). As the flight simulation world changes and becomes that little
bit more realistic, our pockets become that little bit emptier as we pay bigger dollars
for better realism. Personally, I think it is all worthwhile and still at a mere fraction of
the cost of flying in the real world. If you are lucky enough to have rolls of notes in your
back pocket, then you can do both! But for the majority of us, our simulators feed our
need for flight and certainly keep us happy in the process. A whole new world of flight
simulation is opening up before our eyes – just read the news brief about Wilco’s FSNAT
in this issues news section for a perfect example and it certainly still drives me to wake up
and smell the Avgas every morning (even if it is simulated Avgas). This issue, we again
have reviews of some of the best add-ons and products currently available for flight
simulation… and boy did we have trouble deciding! So jump into a comfortable chair
and enjoy Volume 6 Issue 5 of Computer Pilot Magazine – The Magazine for Desktop
Pilots & Flight Simulator Enthusiasts.


10  News and New Releases
All the latest news and new releases since our last issue!
14 Greatest Airplanes: Archer!
16 A320 Professional Update
17 PMDG 757-200 for Fly! II
28 Creative 3D Blaster 4 Titanium
30 Flight Deck Companion
48 Mosquito Squadron
21  X-Plane Scenery: A Technical Commentary
Chuck Bodeen explores the evolution of X-Plane scenery and
highlights the new features of the latest generation of scenery
development for this ever-growing simulator.
24  Mountain Flying
Following on from the Bush Flying story in the previous issue, Francois
Dumas explores the wonderful world of Mountain Flying!
32  The Ultimate Home Built Simulator
Thinking of building your own home simulator? Have a read of
this and draw some inspiration from one of the best homebuilt
747 simulators on the planet. If only every basement/garage had
one of these!
44  FS Radio – Riding the Virtual Radio Waves
Find out about the best flight simulation related radio show
broadcasting on the Internet, plus we have an exclusive interview
with the crew behind the scenes.
51  Air CombatAir Gunnery
In the continuing series on Simulated Air Combat, Derek Davis
explains the tips and techniques to scoring more hits on your enemy
high in the skies.
56  Virtual Airline Spotlight – UVAC
Find out about the Unity Virtual Airline Community and the unique
services they have on offer for keen flight simmers.
58  Press Releases & Stress Decreasers
A humorous look at the content of flight simulation press releases by
Bill Stack.
62  Multi-Engine Flying
Brent McColl returns with an interesting article on ‘Turbocharging the
Chieftain’. Find out exactly why turbocharged engines can outperform
their non-turbocharged counterparts, particularly at higher altitude.
70 The Art Of Desktop Instrument Flying
For efficiency and safety, the DME Arrival is one of the best
approaches in the IFR kit. Tune into your local DME as we perform a
‘DME Arrival’.
75 Flying The Heavies
Today we learn to maneuver the heavy jet airliner in windy conditions
at Leipzig, Germany.
40  Online Resources
We track down the most informative and entertaining flight sim
sources online!
81  Computer Pilot Mailbag
Interesting stories and comments from the members of our community.