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Hi folks! Welcome to Volume 6 of Computer Pilot Magazine! Our 31st published issue is again
more than 20% larger than our standard size and packed with some exciting new content plus
all our regular columns and features. This issue marks the beginning of our series on heavy
jet (ATP) lessons written and compiled by a world-renowned expert in the flight training field.
You will come to know his as ‘Captain Charlie Victoria’. In these lessons, you will learn the
theory and practice behind operating heavy jet aircraft including flight instrumentation, heavy
jet checklists, maneuvering and specialised approach/landing/holding procedures to name a
few. Detailed instruction and practice scenarios will be outlined to enable you to apply your
new found knowledge. We know you will thoroughly enjoy these lessons and the best part
is, that almost all of the content can be applied across a wide variety of simulators. You will
definitely not find a detailed series of ATP lessons written by a real world airline transport pilot
like these in any other flight simulation magazine or for the issue/subscription price, so be sure
to sign up for, or renew your subscription to ensure you don’t miss out!
We are fast approaching the end-of-year push on software titles and many development
groups and publishers are busy working on products to be released in time for the Christmas
rush. We can expect to see a whole new range of flight and combat simulation titles over
the next few months, so start saving those coins if you are keen to pick up a new title during
the end-of-year holiday season.
I was happy to receive an email from a reader recently stating how ‘exciting’ it was to read
each issue of the magazine. Let me say that we are just as excited to produce and publish the
magazine than you are to receive it! Although we do face the inevitable stress of deadlines
and printing and distribution issues, our team enjoys facing the challenges placed upon us
and we are constantly endeavouring to produce a higher quality publication for everyone to
enjoy. Perhaps in a future issue we may have a page or two free to outline an illustrated
process of how we go about compiling each issue, from planning stages, writing, editing,
layout, proofing and then on to mass-printing, binding and final distribution. It is definitely
an interesting process indeed!
That’s enough from me….Find your favorite armchair and enjoy this latest issue of Computer
Pilot Magazine – The # 1 Magazine for Desktop Pilots and Flight Simulator

14  News and New Releases
All the latest news and new releases since our last issue!
19  Flight Simulator 2002 Special Preview!
Computer Pilot Magazine recently had the opportunity to test fly
Microsoft’s Flight Simulator 2002 product for an hour or two. They had
trouble pulling us away from it! Read what we discovered about the great
new features and performance of this latest version to bless our hobby.
26  Flight 1’s Greatest Airliners: The 737-400
32  Just Flight’s Great Britain & Ireland
44  Abacus’ Private Pilot Training
47  CH Products’ Pro Throttle USB
50  Just Flight’s Captain Speaking
56  Just Flight’s Combat Aces
38  Flight Unlimited 3 Freeware Focus
Neil Parry has been scanning the Internet in search of quality, freeware
Flight Unlimited III add-on files to enhance your simulation experience.
Read mini-reviews on the five he found and try them out for yourself!

60  Combat Aircraft Profile: The P-51D Mustang
‘Goering was reputed as saying that ‘when he saw American bombers
over Germany, being escorted by P-51 Mustangs, he knew then that the
war was lost!’ Derek Davis outlines why this incredible war bird instilled
such fear in the enemy.
67  Flying the Heavies
In our first lesson on heavy jet flying you will learn the theory
and practice of preparing a heavy jet for takeoff! Your ATP training
instructor, ‘Capt. Charlie Victoria’ will introduce the concepts and
techniques involved with ‘flying the heavies’ in this ongoing series.
Don’t miss it!
74  Multi Engine Flying
When you apply power to something with wings, it would seem the
only way is up! Take-off is inevitable. But there is more to it  than
meets the eye in performing a safe and efficient take-off, particularly in
something as large as the Chieftain. What if an engine fails? What if we
hit a bird or we lose electrics? Split second decisions are the order of
the day as we study the Take-Off.
78  Flight Instructor
Ever dreamed of taking the step from virtual to reality? Brent McColl
provides some inspiring words to help you make that transition!
31  Shareware Of The Month
We take a look at a great freeware DeHavilland DHC-6-300 for X-Plane.
73  Hardware Corner
The latest news in hardware devices to enhance our hobby
52  Online Resources
We track down the most informative and entertaining flight sim
sources online!
24  Have Your Say!
We wouldn’t be human if we didn’t have a point of view or opinion
on any particular matter. Some simmers choose to voice their thoughts
in public/online forums on just about any topic even remotely related
to flight simulation. Bill Stack provides an interesting and somewhat
comical view on this phenomenon.
35  PMDG 777-200IGW for Fly! II Preview
Take an inside look at the first commercial add-on ever produced for
Terminal Reality’s Fly! II simulator. Andrew Jones previews what this