ComputerPilot Volume 6 issue 6

By now, most of you should know that Computer Pilot has taken the plunge and gone
to a monthly release schedule. That’s right! You will now receive a copy of Computer
Pilot in the mail EVERY MONTH! And to make things even better (perhaps worse for the
production team), each issue will feature a huge 84-pages of content. This certainly has
created a little controlled chaos in the offices of Computer Pilot. But what can we say?
Now we can bring you even more of the best flight simulation coverage your money
can buy. We certainly have a lot more room to play with so expect some exciting new
content in issues to come as well as many more reviews, flight lessons, columns and a
wider scope of sim coverage in general. We have merged with Flight Simulator World
magazine and plan to bring you the most popular sections from that magazine and the
talented team of flight sim contributors that blessed its pages. Saying that, we welcome
any existing Flight Simulator World subscribers who have not been a Computer Pilot
subscriber/reader in the past. We trust you will enjoy the magazine. We have a really
good spectrum of articles in this issue including a great piece on the history of flight
sims which will certainly make for some nostalgic reading. Very little happening in the
X-Plane/Fly! Arena over the past month or so, but we will be covering more topics on
those particular sims in our very next issue, so stay tuned. On behalf of the Computer
Pilot team, we wish to welcome you to our new monthly magazine and as always,
we are open to your comments, suggestions, rants or raves, so catch us online at
www.computerpilot.com or send us an email to: editor@computerpilot.com

8 News and New Releases
All the latest news and new releases since our last issue!
20 Useful Sim & Aviation Book Mini-Reviews
24 RealScene Terrain Mesh Scenery
32 Boeing 314 Clipper
34 Hercules 3D Prophet 8500DV
36 Matrox Parhelia 512
44 Mustang Vs Fw190
48 Fighter Ace III
12 Back To The Future – A Brief History of PC
Combat Simulators
Simulation Historian, Peter “Migman” Inglis provides a unique insight
into the history and evolution of PC-based combat simulations. How
they were, and where they are headed in the future.
18 Commentary – Perpetual Search for
Realism Uncovers Oddities
Looking for more realistic flying situations in your sims? Bill Stack
provides an insight into odd happenings that can arise in this constant
quest for improved simulation realism.
28 Unusual & Dangerous Approaches – Part I
In Part I of this 2-Part series on Unusual & Dangerous approaches,
Arturo Weiss seeks out some of the different and challenging airport
approaches you can find around the world today.
52 Simulated Air Combat – Flying an “Energy”
Fighter – The Messerschmitt Bf109
You have your wings, your plane has been through pre-flight
checks and you’re ready for action. But wait! You have never flown
this bird in battle before and the operations manual mysteriously
disappeared…Fear not. Derek Davis will shoot you a few tips for flying
the Messerschmitt Bf109 successfully in battle!
58 The Ultimate Flight Sim Rig
Rod White has sourced out some of the best hardware components
going around to date. Throw them all together and you have what
Rod calls: “The Ultimate Flight Sim Rig”. We explore one of the best
setups for PC-based flight and combat simulations.
61 Horton’s Hints 4 FS2002
Doug Horton provides a myriad of tips and tricks for this popular
G.A. Simulation. Find out how to tweak, fix, improve and adjust
many aspects of the sim in this ongoing series.
64 The Art of Desktop Instrument Flying
We simulate an IFR flight from Mildura to Melbourne Australia
utilizing a STAR approach. In subsequent issues, we will join Brent
on a real flight on the exact same route. Does it get any more ‘real’
than this?
70 Flying The Heavies
During our last session in our Boeing, we considered taking-off &
landing in a strong headwind (and avoided takeoffs & landings in a
tailwind). Today, however, we will look at Takeoffs & Landings in a
strong Crosswind, when operating at Auckland International Airport
(NZAA), New Zealand.
76 Flight Instructor
We show you how to achieve an accurate position fix with Brent
McColl’s “Exercise in Triangulation using the ADF” interactive lesson.
40 Online Resources
We track down the most informative and entertaining flight sim
sources online!
81 Computer Pilot Mailbag
Interesting stories and comments from the members of our