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[EPaper] ComputerPilot Volume 6 Issue 7


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Greetings once again! Here we are at Volume 6 Issue 7. This is in fact the first time in
Computer Pilot Magazine history that we have had an ‘Issue 7’ and this is a result of our
new monthly release schedule, which begins with this very issue. So, from now on, if
you have taken out a Computer Pilot subscription, you can expect a magazine delivered
to your door every month! Each Volume will contain 12 Issues filled with the best flight
simulation has to offer. This issue sees the start of our ongoing commitment to bring you
the best simulated flight lessons around with the first article in our new ‘Ground School’
series. Ground School lessons will be written and compiled by Greg Trainer, who holds
several real world licenses as well as a university degree in Aviation studies. This series
will expand on our already extensive simulated flight training regime as we continue to
bring you the Multi-Engine Flying, The Art of Instrument Flying, Flight Instructor and of
course, our popular Flying the Heavies interactive lessons. Our first Round Robin flight in
the new series from Al Pelletier is also a special treat! You may also have noticed recently
that we started to print the release month and year for each issue on the front cover of
the magazine. Thanks to everyone that requested it and we are happy to meet your needs.
We are sure this will help you better manage your Computer Pilot magazine collection and
allow you to find material in previous issues much more easily now. Our website located at has also received a minor makeover and is constantly
being updated. To further enhance the value of the magazine, we suggest you log on after
reading each issue and find your way into our ‘Computer Pilot Interactive’ section. Here you
will find further information and resources relating to most of the content in each issue. It’s
a little something we like to provide at no extra charge as a ‘thank you’ for your custom and
support. Take a look if you’re Internet-enabled.



6 News and New Releases
All the latest news and new releases since our last issue!
15 World Airports
20 Reality XP’s Flight Line Avionics
34 421C Golden Eagle
52 Eurofighter Typhoon: Operation IceBreaker
60 Xtreme Air Racing
12 Fly! II – A Retrospective
“After a year and a half, Fly! II remains the black sheep of the flight sim
world.” However, there is still hope for this fledgling platform. Andrew
Jones discusses the steps needed to resurrect Fly! II and looks at its
potential future as a freeware open-source simulator.
23 Configuring Controllers in X-Plane
It works a little differently to many other games and simulations.
Chuck Bodeen shows you the ropes to getting airborne faster in XPlane
5.xx and 6.xx with your controller setup.
26 Windows XP – The Flight Simmer’s Choice?
Thinking of upgrading to Microsoft’s latest operating system? There
are many things to consider before making the transition. We let you
know what you need to be aware of and what you should be doing to
make the transition as smooth as possible.
30 Hardware Corner
The latest in computer hardware can be found right here! We cover
all the latest and greatest hardware enhancements relevant to
flight simulation.
44 Lock On: Modern Air Combat Preview
Potentially the best modern air combat simulation to be seen in a long
time! Len Hjalmarson takes a closer look at this upcoming simulator
due early 2003.
48 Simulated Air Combat – Dogfighting in
the North American P-51 Mustang
In this next instalment in our ongoing series, Derek Davis explores
the pros and cons of the famous P-51 Mustang and instructs you in
the best way to fly this warbird in battle.
56 EAA AirVenture Report
Arturo Weiss was present at this year’s EAA AirVenture event held at
Oshkosh. He provides us with the full report including a run-down
on new flight simulation software on show at the event this year!
66 Round Robin Adventure – CEBU Pacific
Domestic Route
Computer Pilot’s first Round Robin Adventure! Today we take off on
a journey around the Philippines following real-world routes flown
by local carrier, CEBU Airlines.
72 Ground School
Weight and Balance plays a crucial role in ensuring an aircraft
performs within its pre-defined limitations. It is also essential to
maintain safe flying conditions. Greg Trainer explains the theory
behind this subject in our first Ground School series lesson.
78 The Art Of Instrument Flying
Part II in our mini-series on flying from Mildura to Melbourne. Today
we depart Mildura and set course for Melbourne!
40 Online Resources
We track down the most informative and entertaining flight sim
sources online!
71 Computer Pilot Mailbag
Interesting stories and comments from the members of our