[EPaper] Volume 6 issue 7


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Greetings once again… Well, we are now at full throttle and cruising with our monthly
publication schedule. Isn’t it great! The big release season of the year is upon us as
developers hurry to get their products out in time for the traditional holiday season.
Microsoft’s Combat Flight Simulator 3 is the next biggest sim and may in fact be
available by the time you read this very text! The beta version certainly provides an
interesting look at what we can expect in the final version. Derek Davis has completed
a 4-page preview in this very issue so be sure to read it closely. We are also planning a
very extensive review of the final store version when it becomes available so stay tuned
on this frequency. This issue also sees the return of the Flight Sim Doctor column. For
those of you that have been with us for a while now, you may remember this particular
column where we cure your flight simming ailments and technical issues. Well, it’s
back and will be published every 2nd issue in a cycling scenario with our usual Online
Resources column. You may notice the magazine is constantly changing in one form
or another. Our latest change is the new ‘news’ section layout format. Recent changes
have involved more general interest, tutorial and event coverage items. Rest assured
though, we will still be reviewing all the latest and greatest add-ons to hit the flight and
combat simulation market and will soon be incorporating more regular coverage of the
best freeware items available for our hobby.
As always, your feedback is important to us and we will soon be placing a feedback
form and article suggestion form on the Computer Pilot website. We encourage you
to use these outlets when they become available to let us know how we are going.
Remember, this magazine is not about us dictating what you get to read each issue…It
is your magazine as much as it is ours, so jump online and give us a yell! We value your
suggestions and constructive criticisms. They all help to build a better magazine.
Sit back, relax and enjoy this November issue of Computer Pilot Magazine – The
World’s Only Monthly Flight Simulation Magazine!


8 News and New Releases
All the latest news and new releases since our last issue!
12 Combat Flight Simulator 3 Preview
28 ATC Simulator Version 1.5
44 Lago’s TerraMesh
52 Air Shuttle Express
16 Simulated Air Combat
– Dogfighting in the F4U Corsair
We have covered the aircraft of the European conflicts in detail
previously. Now it is time to pay the Pacific Theater a visit. This issue,
Derek Davis explains what you need to know to keep your F4U Corsair
mixing it with the best aircraft the enemy has to offer.
22 Combat Simulation Update Report
We give you the latest updates from the combat sim arena for owners
of European Air War, IL-2 Sturmovik and Falcon 4.
25 Budget PCs for Flight Simulation
Following on from our Ultimate PC guide in Volume 6 Issue 6, Rod
White sources a great little PC setup that is both easy on the budget,
and friendly on the frame rates!
– Unlocking the Mystery of the Module
Many of us probably use it simply because various add-ons require it, but
this fantastic little module holds many secrets and features all of its own.
Francois Dumas provides the key to unlocking these mysteries…


38 Overwhelmingly Overwhelming!
File sizes of freeware and commercial add-ons downloaded from the
Internet are growing by the day! Are the increased sizes necessary? Or are
we being bloated by virtual junk? Bill Stack explores this phenomenon.
48 Unusual & Dangerous Approaches – Part II
Part II of this popular series on Unusual and Dangerous Approaches by
Arturo Weiss. We again explore airports that can easily challenge even
the most experienced virtual pilots!
56 Tutorial Series
– How to Install X-Plane Aircraft
Resident X-Plane expert, Chuck Bodeen, explains how we go about
successfully adding additional aircraft to the default X-Plane hangar.
59 Horton’s Hints 4 FS2002
Another round of useful and practical hints is provided by Doug
Horton in this continuing series for Flight Simulator 2002 pilots.
64 Multi-Engine Flying
Many are the stories of