iFly 747-400 Announced‏

This weekend at the PC Pilot’s of Ireland event in Dublin, iFly’s Steve Masson announced the upcoming release of iFly’s 747-400 for Flight Simulator 2004, X, and Lockheed’s Prepar3d simulators. Working close with well known 747 Captain’s and Engineers, iFly has captured the “Queen of The Skies” like never before.


Presented in both Virtual Cockpit and Conventional 2D Panel formats, the iFly 747-400 will cater to all types of sim pilots across multiple sim platforms. New techniques were discovered and implemented in our 2004 version to produce an aircraft that can compete both visually and functionally with its FSX counterpart. All versions, including FSX and P3D versions will include a full slate of features, as you would expect from an iFly product release.


Release date has not been revealed yet, but sim pilots can expect this aircraft in the hangars sooner, rather than later. For more information and screenshots, visit the iFly forum area as the development team releases more info up until the release date.