UK2000 VFR airfield vol2 released

UK2000 released VFR Airfields in a new version – Vol2.

UK2000 VFR Airfields for Microsoft FSX Simulator and Lockhead Martin Prepar3D* is a product that brings you UK Airfields and airports to a new level of excellence. 81 airfields are included in the middle of england and wales. 3D models designed to match the actual airfields buidlings, realistic textures, project developed with co-operation from Horizon Simulations to correct and blend in the actual airfield photographic images. A file for ORBX FTX England support is also included. Vol1. and Vol.2 are ready forPrepar3D.

There is an 50% discount available for Version 1 users (Login to download account to see the discount)


UK2000 Homepage

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