FlightSim Commander 9.6* – Update V9.6.0.8

The tool „FlightSim Commander 9.6*“ has been updated to version The version 9.6 Revision 8 of the FlightSim Commander contains only a few minor changes and additions:

  1. Map Window: Rudimentary display cities of the world
  2. Aircraft Window: Shows which aircraft type is currently loaded in your flight simulator
  3. Options Window: “Reset Map…” function will protect users with multiple monitors
  4. Options Window: Function “CallOut 80kts IAS / Positive Rate” can be activated
  5. Save/Load Flight Plan Window: Saving of flight plans has been added for different Xplane file formats
  6. Navigation Data Window: Different Mouse clicks will show Wind Direction/Speed, Head-, Tail- and Cross wind
  7. PMDG 737 NGX users will see, during the flight, different information in navigation data window and on map

More details you can find here. Box customers can download the new version here.