WORK IN PROGRESS – World of Aircraft : Glider Simulator

On the WORK IN PROGRESS screenshots you get a first impression of “World of Aircraft : Glider Simulator“. World of Aircraft is a series of stand alone flight simulation products that all focus on a specific part of VFR aviation. Check the forum thread for more info to come!


Preview: woa_glidersim-10Preview: woa_glidersim-9Preview: woa_glidersim-8Preview: woa_glidersim-7Preview: woa_glidersim-6Preview: woa_glidersim-5Preview: woa_glidersim-4Preview: woa_glidersim-4Preview: woa_glidersim-3Preview: woa_glidersim-2Preview: woa_glidersim-2Preview: woa_glidersim-1Preview: woa_glidersim-1