Aerosoft announces Polizeihubschrauber Simulator

For summer 2018 Aerosoft hast announced the police helicopter simulation “Polizeihubschrauber Simulator” (English title to be decided). This new title allows players to relive the everyday tasks of a police helicopter squadron.

Little by little players take on ever more demanding missions, like aerial surveillance, reconnaissance flights, aerial safeguarding, thrilling chases, and coordinating task forces on the ground. Exciting missions at various places, e.g. a hospital, surface mine, international airfield, or a theme park, ensure long-term joy if playing. Besides a German police helicopter a version of the US American forces can be flown as well. By completing missions further functions in the helicopter will be unlocked, e.g. night vision camera.

The game world extends over 20 km² and features a dynamic day and night cycle. Players can fly over it freely with the realistically modelled helicopter, thus leaving no room for boredom.

The Polizeihubschrauber Simulator will be released in Summer 2018.