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the first cover draft

Today we worked on the cover, here the first draft. The livery will be changed from Austria to an US Airline, at the moment we are trying some different combinations. The new Design is a cross between the known Computer Pilot Design and our Flight! Magazine, the new cover is a part of the new developed and improved Layout.

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the international edition

the first magazine 2013 will be the “international edition” of computer pilot. This issue will be shipped and provided worldwide. The difference between the US and International Edition are the Advertisements and the worldwide scenery reviews. With this change, the Computer Pilot is the only international magazine about Flight Simulation.

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the first steps

we are back! In this new category we will update the current work process on the new and next January / February 2013 Editon of the Computer Pilot Magazine. The first issue 2013 will be printed in a brand new Layout, with new features, informations and social media tools.

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